Get Rich Quick In ESO Volume 1 – Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor is one of the easier sets to get in the game, it’s farmed in Ebonheart pact’s Deshaan. Doing Dolemans, Delves, Public Dungeons. The other nice thing is they have a zombie grind out there by the Public Dungeon and […]

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ESO Deshaan Skyshards Locations

Deshaan is the 17-23 level area for the Ebonheart Pact. There are 16 total Deshaan Skyshards. Click the next button to get the details to each. Reference: TESO life

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The Jester Festival Just Happened and I got a Little Dizzy

Apr 02  seanzor  

Once a year before April, this funny little dude appears around Tamriel… His job outside of giving mundane quests is also to throw you a pie that doubles exp for the days he hangs bout. What did I decide to […]

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