The Jester Festival Just Happened and I got a Little Dizzy

Apr 02 seanzor  
  • Boringness
  • Difficulty
  • EXP
  • Suckage AF

Once a year before April, this funny little dude appears around Tamriel… His job outside of giving mundane quests is also to throw you a pie that doubles exp for the days he hangs bout. What did I decide to do? Spend 3 days gaining 100 champion points. For those that do know me, this is my second max level grind, I decided to hang my hat on the PC version of ESO and snuggle up to a console versions I can enjoy on my own couch.

It was a busy three days of grinding zombies as well as golems in the fiery pits of Vvardenfell. In the very depths of this place lies an epic EXP windfall. If you are online and can see the exact same map as below you know you are in the right place.

Take a look at the rotation in the video above and see the kind of gains you can get.



Happy grinding!

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